About Official Uniform

Scania is a global company, offering sales and services in more than 100 countries. We also offer financial services in many markets, with production units located in Europe, South America and Asia. To support this, we supply bespoke, branded uniform, finishing the professional edge that Scania now has.


With 18,400 sales and services employees globally, Scania is strategically placed within their customers’ operations in 100 countries across the world. Scania's head office is in Södertälje. With this many employee's, bespoke uniform and workwear is a must!


To create the best uniform possible, we listened carefully and researched thoroughly into what exactly was required from Scania employee's, and the outcome was phenomenal. Providing uniform for all areas of the business, in all areas of the industry.


The uniform we have created has been designed in the UK by our design and creation team at Fordville Brands. 

"We are absolutley thrilled to produce the Official Uniform for Scania UK and to be in partnership with them" 
-  Mark Press - Owner         

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